The Basics Of Starting And Maintaining A Pregnancy Journal

When you were around seven years old, did you ever have one of those diaries which come with their locks and keys? You write everything that comes into your life even as simple as having ice cream while walking at the park. Feels good to reminisce.

Same goes with a pregnancy journal. You can write all of the joys and woes you feel during your pregnancy. It can be a way for you to keep your emotions in check or it can also be a great strategy so that there’s something you can use to look back on for the next years to come.

For those who are still unsure of how to get started, what to write, and how to maintain a pregnancy journal, here are some of the basics of handling your pregnancy journal.

Make Your Own Notebook

To get an initial feel of writing your thoughts, start everything with a notebook that you are comfortable with handling. Get one and design it with something which will display who you are. If you are the serious type of person, you may opt to go with a simplistic design. However, if you are one of those women with an upbeat personality, just ready your colored pens and design all the way!

Decide On A Fixed Notebook Placement

It is essential to incorporate this habit into your daily life, and the easiest way to do so is to decide where to place your pregnancy journal. You may put it on a place you sit the most or you may also have it beside your bed. If you set it on a fixed spot and see it regularly, writing on it will most likely be part of your routine in no time!

Interview Other Mothers

If you are still hesitant in creating your pregnancy journal, try interviewing other pregnancy mothers on how they were able to handle their own. This time can also be a good chance for you to have a quick sharing of their pregnancy and birth experiences. This way, you will be more ready when your baby’s time comes.

All of the things you’ll learn from this community can be your first entry on your pregnancy journal! Your move.

Collect Pieces To Write

Some mothers might also feel a little overwhelmed when writing their first pregnancy journal entries. They don’t know what to write, and they don’t know how to organize their thoughts. If you are one of those women, make sure to read this carefully as we describe some areas you can write.

  • Create A Letter To Your Child – Most mothers often forget to write about these kinds of things in their journals but most find this as the most intimate writing exercise of all. Close your eyes and think about the baby growing inside of you. Write a letter to this child. Make sure that you are honest from the beginning. You may opt to express your uncomfortableness of being pregnant, the happiness this setup gives you, or the fear that you feel in this situation.
  • Write About Your Body – According to most pregnant mothers, their body insecurities get the worst out of them. Because of that, it would be helpful for you to write about your body so that you won’t dwell much on the changes that are happening during pregnancy. Start by writing any your body part and state a reason why you love it. Be as specific as possible. Describe the exact profile – the shape, texture, color, and other things which will make you love your body more.
  • Record Your Dreams – Some say that dreams reflect what you are feeling. Hence, make sure to write them down the moment who remember them. After recording everything, pay attention to the details of your dream and analyze everything. It might be a way for you to be able to explore your emotions further.
  • Make It A Food Journal – A food journal can help keep track of your diet and the food you eat. This journal can be a way to control the cravings which are not healthy for your body.
  • Share Your Fear – Pregnancy is a taboo especially for those first-time mothers. Aside from getting scared about the idea of childbirth, most women also face the fear of motherhood. Write down all the things that make you afraid – from your changing body, the giving birth proper, and parenting. Don’t worry. Writing them down does not mean that they will all happen. It will only make you foresee all of them, and this can also be a way for you to think about possible solutions when these challenges arise.
  • Go By The Numbers – Aside from creating a pregnancy journal that is full of words and paragraphs, it might also be helpful if you go by the numbers. Record your baby’s growth, create a pie chart of what kinds of food make you nauseous the most, or keep track of the number of kicks your baby does per day. This record can give a little bit of refreshment from all the narratives that are happening inside your pregnancy journal.
  • State Your Goals And Create A Timeline – Conduct a goal-setting session. Create a separate timeline showing when you’re targeting to reach these specific goals. These goals can range from your financial status to some areas of the growth of your baby. By creating this, you will be able to plan your future at least and have some inspiration in achieving it.

Create Tabs For Your Journal

Most mothers do not do this. But, it is a recommendation to at least split the journal up in regular intervals. Some opt to go with a monthly one. Bu, others prefer to do it per trimester to visualize the experience on a larger scale. Creating tabs in your pregnancy journal will enable you to reminisce specific experiences easier since you’ll know when to look.

Write Regularly

Stick to a specific writing schedule. You may opt to write on it every after breakfast or before going to bed. Although it is to be planned alongside your schedule, keeping a pregnancy journal should not feel like a chore; instead, it should feel like the responsibility of a mother.

Print Your Pictures

It’s also a good idea for you to paste your first baby picture at the front of your journal. No, it’s not the picture during the moment you gave birth, instead, it’s the baby’s ultrasound picture during around its 6th week!

Aside from this, you may also include photographs of your body’s development pictures of memorable experience and people while you are pregnant. Remember, pictures speak a thousand words; hence, including photos inside your pregnancy journal can show a more realistic story of your experiences.

Embellish It With Physical Items

Instead of just focusing on pictures, why not add other significant items that you want to keep. Examples of this may include a tissue paper with scribbles of baby names, invitations to your baby shower, or even congratulation cards from family and friends. Putting these symbolic items to your pregnancy journal can be a great way to preserve this in the years to come.


There are various ways on how to manage your pregnancy journal. Others even prefer to have it digitally stored. In this way, they can put a little flair to it by adding audios and videos. Nevertheless, a pregnancy journal is the best way to write down your thoughts, moments, and experiences throughout your pregnancy. Not only is this a great strategy to save the best memories, but it can also be an excellent approach to connect and express your love to your child.

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