All You Need To Know About At Home Insemination

Copartners who hope to bring new life into the world turn to artificial insemination as a means of conceiving. Couples having trouble getting pregnant, same-sex partners and women wanting to be single moms opt for Artificial Insemination. Among all other artificial insemination techniques, At Home Insemination is the most affordable choice. This option allows them … Read more

IUI vs. IVF: Choosing The Right Fertility Treatment For You

iui vs. ivf: which is the better and cheaper option?

Advances in fertility treatments have allowed more couples to bear children. Currently, doctors advise couples to try two main fertility treatments: intrauterine insemination and in vitro fertilization. This two advancements in technologies are some of the most mature technologies when it comes to fertility treatments. Both have decent success rates, with relatively few side effects. … Read more

How Many Eggs Does A Woman Have?

how many eggs does a woman have

One of the most surprising things people first learn about in biology class is females have a limited fertility period. Unlike males who continue to produce sperm through their entire lives, females eventually become infertile as they age. One of the factors affecting female fertility is the ovarian reserve, which is the number of eggs their … Read more

Artificial Insemination Practical Guide

Having a baby is one goal that many couples aspire to achieve. Nothing compares to bringing new life to the world. Unfortunately, some people have problems with their fertility, making it difficult for them to have a baby. In the past, this meant the end of the line for their dreams of raising a family. However, … Read more

Pregnancy Options For A Lesbian Couple

Times have changed for the LGBT community. Things are far from ideal, but acceptance of the LGBT is steadily increasing. Besides, technology is slowly allowing members to transcend biological limits imposed by their sex. For example, same-sex unions, such as a lesbian couple, used to become unable to bear their children. Their sole option to … Read more

Treating Restrictions In Intrauterine Pregnancy

People would always get worried whenever their doctors tell them that they have intrauterine pregnancy. This term is a foreign word to many. Some would confuse it as an abnormality in pregnancy while others see it as a taboo. What is Intrauterine Pregnancy? So, what is intrauterine pregnancy? Intrauterine pregnancy refers to a medical term … Read more

Journey to Motherhood: The Basics of Starting and Preparing a Pregnancy Journal

Pregnancy is a special and transformative time for any parent. It can bring a wide range of emotions—from being happy and on top of the world to anxiously folding all your newborn clothes, wondering if it’s enough (it probably is!). Every milestone you reach is a special moment. And what better way to remember all … Read more

7 Pregnancy Quotes For Pregnant Mothers

Pregnancy is one of the most magical moments in a woman’s life. It brings a special kind of joy, fascination, and love as she carries a little soul within her for months. Just as a woman becomes pregnant, she will prepare, care for, and love the baby more than life itself. She will know bliss … Read more

6 Biggest Ovulation Myths You Need To Know

Ovulation is the process that occurs when hormonal changes in a menstrual cycle trigger the ovary to release an egg. The ovulation process plays a fundamental role in a woman’s fertility and dream of building a family. Most people know little about ovulation, as they only see its importance when they’re attempting to conceive a … Read more


miscarriage: angel statue representing miscarriage

A miscarriage is undeniably difficult for expecting moms. You might have been imagining how your child will sleep in your arms after a feeding session. Or how it feels to brush their little fingers and toes against your own. Several months of anticipating and preparing for the arrival of your little one already passed. After … Read more