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Times When Your Mother Knows Best

We may not admit it, but somehow, our moms just have a way of being right almost always. “Mother knows best,” as they say. We don’t give her enough credit for the advice and guidance she provides. Now, it’s time to change and acknowledge how much she’s been right about all this time.

Bedtime and Sleep

As kids, we used to hate having a bedtime. Many of us wanted to stay up longer and have more playtime instead. Now, as adults, we can’t wait to have a nap. We undeniably enjoy it when we get to head to bed early for the evening. This scenario is another example of how your mother knows best.

Growing up, our mothers would tell us the importance of getting enough sleep and rest. We may not have appreciated it back then, but we know better as adults. Some of us would even want to go back in time and regain lost sleep.

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Sleep helps us recharge for the next day, but having a set bedtime helps keep us healthy. This practice is part of appropriate “sleep hygiene” – a set of habits that improve our quality and quantity of sleep. By going to bed roughly the same time each night, our circadian rhythm can work best. Our body gets used to our routine during the day and night. We fall asleep faster, feel happier during the daytime, and have better metabolism.

So, for kids out there, listen to your mom about bedtime because your mother knows best.



Friendships and Romantic Interests

Has your mom ever said that she feels something’s off with a friend or boyfriend/girlfriend? Your mother’s intuition might be worth listening to. Although she may not know your friends or date as well as you do, she just has a hunch. And sometimes, your mother knows best about these things as well.

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Considering she’s been around longer, she knows what red flags to look out for in a person. You could save yourself a lot of heartaches if you learned to take some of her advice. She knows when someone could be a bad influence and when you’re hanging out with the wrong group of people. Your mother knows best about a variety of relationships. So believe her when she says that a particular person isn’t worth your time and attention.

Money Matters

Another skill that moms seem to be a pro at is dealing with money. Your mother knows best when it comes to making every cent count, saving, and budgeting what she had. She also understands the importance of balancing our needs and wants. Our parents have had a lot of experience in this area.

Raising a kid isn’t cheap. With all the things children need, it can become quite expensive to start a family. So your mother knows what it’s like to make the most out of the household income. A lot of moms out there are super-savvy, knowing where to get the best deals for almost anything. Although many of us thought it was funny to see people collect coupons religiously, we understood their importance once we became adults ourselves.

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Mothers also often remind us to “save for a rainy day.” And boy, was that sound advice. She understands how crucial it is to have money set aside for emergencies and large purchases. Savings are there to provide us financial security for the future. It also allows us to achieve goals such as purchasing a car or home or getting that college degree.

Our moms likely also taught us how to budget our money. This activity includes allocating money to cover specific expenses each month or week. From experience, your mom should be a master in this field. Learning how to appropriate what we earn to necessities like food, rent, and utilities are part of basic financial literacy. This practice helps keep us financially stable in the future. Your mother knows best about how to budget your income.


Moreover, some of us probably experienced a time when we wanted something, but our moms said, “no.” She was trying to teach us from a young age that there’s a difference between needs and wants. Your mother knows best when it comes to only buying what you need. However, she also understands the importance of indulging and splurging now and again. She teaches us to celebrate the things and experiences that matter.

Home-cooked Meals

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She may not be Julia Child or Gordon Ramsey, but there’s no denying the comfort that mom’s cooking brings. For those that live on our own, we know that warm feeling we get from a home-cooked meal. Somehow, we feel our mother’s love through her dishes.

We each have a favorite meal that our mom makes. With years of practice, she seems to have perfected recipes. For some of us, it’s the Apple Pie we’ve ever tasted. Some moms make the best Clam Chowder that no other restaurant can match. Others will go into length about their mom’s salad. Whatever your favorite home-made dish is, it certainly is better when your family makes it. Somehow, your mother knows best when it comes to food.

Being Kind

Most of our moms warn us that if we don’t have anything nice to share, don’t say anything. And honestly, it’s a piece of sound advice. Although it doesn’t apply in every situation, it’s always best to be kind whenever possible.

Recently, a similar quote has been going viral online. The new “10-second rule” states that if there’s something a person can’t fix in 10 seconds, don’t point it out. This saying applies to a person’s physical appearance, in particular. For instance, if you see that their hair is a bit messy, you can draw their attention to such. However, if you see that a person has noticeable acne, it isn’t polite or appropriate to mention it.

Standing Up for Yourself

Although your mom tells you to be polite, that doesn’t mean that you have to be a push-over. Your mother knows best when she tells you to stand up for yourself when necessary. She loves you unconditionally, but she won’t always be physically present to have your back.

You might be thinking, “I don’t want to get involved in any conflict.” However, letting people walk all over you won’t do you any good. Standing up for yourself means taking charge of your life. It gives you agency over your decisions and path. It also helps you gain self-esteem and self-worth.

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Of course, there’s a difference between being assertive and being mean. Be deliberate but fair. For instance, if someone is consistently late when meeting you, speak up about it. But don’t attack the person. Simply be clear that you would appreciate them being more punctual next time. Tell them that it upsets you when they’re late. If you’re unsure how to act, ask your mom. We know that your mother knows best when it comes to these situations.

Online Activities

The internet can be a little overwhelming when you first go on the web. With the many things you can do online, many dangers come with it. You’ve likely heard your mother tell you to be careful, and you might have thought she was overprotective.

However, from experience, we can see that it’s true that your mother knows best. Scams pop up left and right, trying to steal money or information from you. Predators go lurking on social media. And some individuals are just plain rude.

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Listen to your mom’s advice and be extra cautious online. Don’t share personal information with anybody. Be sure to stay up-to-date on social media terms and conditions. Although it’s tedious to read through, you should know what they’re doing with your data. Be wary of deals and offers that seem too good to be real. And remove yourself from conversations that are toxic and unproductive. Choose the people you connect with online.




One of the best advice a mom can give is telling their kid to put themselves first. We may go through many years of education. But at home, our mother knows best when she teaches us to love ourselves. As we grow up, our parents must model the appropriate behavior and show us how to do so. It can make a significant difference in how we treat ourselves as adults.

So how can moms help teach self-love? They can show their kids how to talk about themselves positively. Use loving language when describing yourself. Schedule some “me” time to relax and do something you love. Your mother knows best and loves you, so treat yourself with the same affection and care.

Being a Mom

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On your journey from being Preggy To Mommy, your mother will have the advice to last you years. Although online guides are helpful, there’s also wisdom from your mom. She’ll be able to walk you through all the stages of pregnancy, like how she had. She knows what to expect.

Some will even know that you’re pregnant before you officially find out. There’s a sixth sense that moms have that way. It’s through mother’s intuition that she’ll pass down knowledge and learnings to you as you become a mom.

The Verdict: Your Mother Knows Best

Sometimes, moms don’t get the credit they should have. Not only do they carry us for nine months, but she also raises us to be the independent individuals we are today. For some of us, we have to become a mom to recognize and appreciate our mother fully. We don’t see how much wisdom she has until it’s our turn to pass it down to our kids.

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So, when you get the chance, be sure you make your mom feel appreciated. Show her the love, affection, and gratitude for her guidance throughout these years. And remember: mother knows best.

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