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About Us


“Mothers Together, Nurture Better.”

Are you an expecting first-time mother cramming all the books on how to be a good mom? Or are you a mother of three who’s struggling on how to care for your little bundles of joy?

Then, welcome to Preggy to Mommy!

We are a community of mothers who wish to help expecting moms become the best parent for their children. To accomplish our advocacy, we publish articles and reading materials on various topics, from expectations in pregnancy to motherhood tips. Our community is open to all kinds of mothers—be it first-time mothers, mothers of three, or single parents.


As an organization of mothers, we strive to not only be a pregnancy information site or a group of motherhood-themed featured articles. We also want to be something that every mother has needed throughout their motherhood: a community.

Pregnancy and the gut-churning realization that you’ll be someone’s parent are something that only us, mothers, experience. As a result, we sometimes feel alone in this journey towards motherhood. But by building this community, we aim to ease the feelings of loneliness and anxiety that mothers often feel.

To make this vision a reality, we endeavor to impart the following values:

Informed Motherhood: To be a better mom is to be informed of all the tips and tricks in motherhood. For this reason, we aim to spread the latest information and helpful tips to our readers.

Experienced Insights: Of course, it’s not enough to learn through facts alone. Experience also plays an important role. We aim to encourage our readers to reflect on their experience and share their learning.

Mental And Emotional Resilience: Being a mother is not an easy job, nor does it end. We aim to prepare our readers for the realities and responsibilities of being a mother.

Community: Since a mother’s job is tough, there are times when we feel like giving up. During those times, we wish to be a community that you can lean on for support.

Sense Of Belonging: Most importantly, we wish to be your second home. Come here to meet friends and share great banter with us!