• sperm donor cost

    Sperm Donor Cost And Its Other Hidden Charges

    Having a baby can be difficult. No, we’re not talking maintaining or taking care of a baby, instead, we’re talking about the process of trying and becoming pregnant. Believe it or not, many individuals experience fertility problems. That’s why it is hard for them to produce a baby. To overcome this, most seek the help of assisted reproductive technology – one of which is getting a sperm donor. And some reminder, looking and acquiring a sperm donor cost anything but cheap.  How Much Does Acquiring A Sperm Donor Cost? Hiring the assistance of a sperm donor cost is expensive. A single vial of sperm sold in the fertility market cost…

  • at home insemination

    All You Need To Know About At Home Insemination

    Copartners who hope to bring new life into the world turn to artificial insemination as a means of conceiving. Couples having trouble getting pregnant, same-sex partners and women wanting to be single moms opt for Artificial Insemination. Among all other artificial insemination techniques, At Home Insemination is the most affordable choice. This option allows them to inject semen in the vagina in the comfort of their homes outside the stressful clinical setting. What is At Home Insemination? At Home Insemination is an alternative process to induce pregnancy outside the fertility clinic with lesser expenses. It entails placing the sperm inside the reproductive tract of the female without performing sexual intercourse.…

  • iui vs. ivf

    IUI vs. IVF: Choosing The Right Fertility Treatment For You

    Advances in fertility treatments have allowed more couples to bear children. Currently, doctors advise couples to try two main fertility treatments: intrauterine insemination and in vitro fertilization. This two advancements in technologies are some of the most mature technologies when it comes to fertility treatments. Both have decent success rates, with relatively few side effects. However, the two fertility treatments differ significantly. Specific scenarios will determine whether IUI vs. IVF is right for you. Hence, you should take the time to know more about their risks and benefits. General Principles Intrauterine insemination, known as IUI, is a variant of artificial insemination. As the name implies, it involves placing sperm cells…

  • how many eggs does a woman have

    How Many Eggs Does A Woman Have?

    One of the most surprising things people first learn about in biology class is females have a limited fertility period. Unlike males who continue to produce sperm through their entire lives, females eventually become infertile as they age. One of the factors affecting female fertility is the ovarian reserve, which is the number of eggs their ovaries contain. For women interested in having children, the next question becomes apparent: how many eggs does a woman have? A woman has the most number of eggs during birth when her ovaries contain at least a million egg cells. However, only around 300,000 usually remain once puberty starts. By the time the woman reaches…

  • artificial insemination

    Everything You Need To Know If You Are Considering Artificial Insemination

    Having a baby is one goal that many couples aspire to achieve. Nothing compares to bringing new life to the world. Unfortunately, some people have problems with their fertility, making it difficult for them to have a baby. In the past, this meant the end of the line for their dreams of raising a family. However, modern technology now gives couples multiple fertility options. One of the most popular methods is artificial insemination,  which is relatively straightforward, effective, and safe. This technology was first developed to breed livestock but now adopted for use in humans. What Is Artificial Insemination? During sex, natural insemination occurs when a man ejaculates semen into his…

  • Pregnancy

    Love Wins: Pregnancy Options For A Lesbian Couple

    Times have changed for the LGBT community. Things are far from ideal, but acceptance of the LGBT is steadily increasing. Besides, technology is slowly allowing members to transcend biological limits imposed by their sex. For example, same-sex unions, such as a lesbian couple, used to become unable to bear their children. Their sole option to have a child used to be through adoption. Advanced in reproductive health care are now creating new ways for these couples to have a child connected to them biologically. These methods are already available to the public and offered in some countries. Further experimental techniques currently being tested will allow same-sex couples to have children…

  • Pregnancy

    Treating Growth Restrictions In Intrauterine Pregnancy

    People would always get worried whenever their doctors tell them that they have intrauterine pregnancy. This term is a foreign word to many. Some would confuse it as an abnormality in pregnancy while others see it as a taboo. So, what is intrauterine pregnancy? Intrauterine pregnancy refers to a medical term which means that a trimester-sized baby is seen to be growing inside the uterus. It also consists of a gestational sac in the womb which is usually visible through a transvaginal scan during the fourth or fifth week of gestation. With this in mind, there is no need to be alarmed whenever you hear this term. You should be…

  • Pregnancy

    The Basics Of Starting And Maintaining A Pregnancy Journal

    When you were around seven years old, did you ever have one of those diaries which come with their locks and keys? You write everything that comes into your life even as simple as having ice cream while walking at the park. Feels good to reminisce. Same goes with a pregnancy journal. You can write all of the joys and woes you feel during your pregnancy. It can be a way for you to keep your emotions in check or it can also be a great strategy so that there’s something you can use to look back on for the next years to come. For those who are still unsure…

  • Pregnancy

    7 Best Pregnancy Quotes To Help You Through Your Motherhood Journey

    Pregnancy is one of the most magical moments in a woman’s life. It brings a special kind of joy, fascination, and love as she carries a little soul within her for months. Just as a woman becomes pregnant, she will prepare, care for, and love the baby more than life itself. She will know bliss in every second spent nurturing the child. She will experience pain and discomfort for weeks or months as the baby grows inside her womb. She’ll finally learn how to be a mother, and she’ll discover it’s everything she ever asked for and more. You may not be an expert at pregnancy. But you can learn…

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    6 Biggest Ovulation Myths You Need To Know

    Ovulation is the process that occurs when hormonal changes in a menstrual cycle trigger the ovary to release an egg. This process plays a fundamental role in a woman’s fertility and dream of building a family. Most people know little about this process, as they only see its importance when they’re attempting to conceive a child. There are a lot of issues and matters involved in ovulation. But you need not to see it as something cryptic and uncertain. You only need to familiarize yourself with facts and half-truths. Here are the biggest ovulation myths you need to know: Women Tend To Ovulate On The 14th Day Of Their Cycle…