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    Buntis Habang COVID-19: Isang Guide Upang Manatiling Safe and Healthy Si Mommy

    Sa panahon ngayon, mahirap magkasakit, at maaaring sabihin na mas mahirap kung ikaw ay buntis. Ito ay hindi lang dahil sa pisikal na limitasyon, kundi dahil din sa sikolohikal. Ang pagiging buntis ay mahirap pero rewarding. Maraming pagbabago  sa anyo ng katawan, hormones, at pagtulog. Ayon sa World Health Organization (WHO), “COVID-19 spreads primarily through close contact with someone who is infected, but it can also be spread if you touch contaminated objects and surfaces.” Ang nasa “low-risk” category ay mga under 60 years old at walang underlying health condition. Ikaw naman ay “high-risk” kung ikaw ay 60 pataas at may underlying health condition. Ayon naman sa Centers for Disease…

  • 36 weeks pregnant

    A Complete Guide for Moms Who Are 36 Weeks Pregnant

    You’re almost there! Since the baby will arrive in a few weeks, make sure that you ready yourself both physically and emotionally. Put on the final prep work as much as you can. Here’s a complete guide you can follow when you’re 36 weeks pregnant. How Big Is the Baby? Your baby is most likely the size of a large cabbage. It’s approximately 18 inches in length (from crown to heel) and 5 to 6 pounds in weight. Status of Your Baby At 36 weeks pregnant, you should expect that your baby’s head will already be located down by your cervix. Don’t fret if your baby has not reached this…

  • 3 weeks pregnant

    3 Weeks Pregnant: What You Should Expect During the First Three Weeks of Pregnancy

    A thrilling journey awaits all expectant mothers at 3 weeks pregnant. However, this early in your pregnancy, you might not even suspect that there is a life inside you. It is different for everyone, so you may or may not experience early pregnancy symptoms. If you’re an expectant mother, you’re most likely to get a positive result on your pregnancy test only by the end of this week. Whether you planned it or it came as a surprise, there are a lot of things to know and prepare for during this crucial period of pregnancy. You will be going through lots of physical and emotional changes once you become pregnant,…

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    An Expecting Mom’s Journey, Told in Pregnancy Memes

    The ability to bring new life is one of the joys of being a woman. A lot of mothers would agree that pregnancy is a magical and fulfilling milestone. This elating and incomparable journey may seem profound, but many pregnancy memes capture the myriad of feelings expecting moms feel. However, before mothers get to experience that great rush of accomplishment, appreciation, and pride, they have to endure nine months of struggle. Expecting and experienced mothers concur that while pregnancy memes are funny, pregnancy is no joke. It is a rollercoaster of emotions, struggles, and challenges to overcome or get over with. An expecting mother’s journey differs for each woman. Some…

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    3 Months Pregnant: Everything You Need to Know for the First Trimester

    For many couples who want to have a child, the positive result of a pregnancy test can bring overwhelming joy. However, if you’re an expecting mother, you might also feel confused or scared about the next few months. It’s normal to feel fear, but by arming yourself with knowledge, you’ll get through your first trimester as smoothly as possible. Just ask the majority of pregnant women who are already 3 months pregnant and beyond! By keeping these ten questions and answers in mind, you can ensure the best outcomes for you and your baby when you’re 3 months pregnant.

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    5 Months Pregnant? Here Are Ten Things You Should Know

    Being an expectant mother gives you a rollercoaster of emotions. For moms expecting their first babies, the experience could be both fun and overwhelming. The only sure thing is this: you don’t have to know everything. If you’re curious about all the things you should expect from being 5 months pregnant, read our ultimate FAQ guide. Being 5 months pregnant is a different experience for every mom. There are too many changes happening inside and outside of your body. Indeed, there’s a lot to know, a lot to do, and a lot to avoid. But with proper help, you are sure to be as ready as you can be. Remember…

  • A pregnant woman with a round belly needs a pregnancy pillow for comfort and support.

    What Is the Best Pregnancy Pillow for Expecting Moms?

    One of the biggest problems that pregnant women encounter is navigating their daily lives as their tummies grow. Movement is restricted, but what’s worse is the fact that sleeping positions become limited as well. With the available technology today, innovations like the pregnancy pillow easily solves problems like this. Pregnancy is a momentous and rewarding experience for a woman. However, before you reach the end of this beautiful journey, you will undergo various challenges that will test you both physically and emotionally. The changes in your body will be physically taxing enough; you will also have to consider the emotional side of being a pregnant woman. Aside from monitoring your…