The Rules of Marriage: How to Navigate a Female Led Relationship


In the past, men always took the lead in almost all aspects, including work, family, friends, and more. Society gave us the mindset that men should be the ones in charge of a relationship. But believe it not, times have changed, and paradigms have shifted. Women are stepping up, and many of them are doing an excellent and exemplary job at the forefront, including in female-led relationship. 

Some men are not yet ready to take in this concept. They feel that their ego gets crushed should they succumb to this scenario. But there are a few who now embrace the power of their women. In this Preggy to Mommy article, we will tackle the concept of female led relationship. Mainly, what it is, its types, and the rules on navigating this unique journey. 

The Concept

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Female led relationship refers to the idea of a female taking over the dominant role in the relationship. It means that the girls are in charge of coming up with big decisions. The men, on the other hand, are on the submissive side of the spectrum. 

Most female led relationships have defined gender roles. For instance, in some households, the woman goes to work every day as the breadwinner of the family. With this, the man takes on cooking, cleaning, running errands, and taking care of the kids. 

However, keep in mind that this is not the usual scenario. Some relationships prefer not to have clearly defined gender roles. It’s only that the woman plays the central role in every factor of the relationship. 

Types of a Female Led Relationship

Each couple’s responsibility also depends on the intensity of the woman’s personality. We can break this down into different types of female led relationships. 

Type 1: Low-level Female Control


Here, the woman still has low authority, which means that she always gets the opinion of her partner. They discuss the intricacies of the decision, and they weigh the pros and cons together. However, by the end of the day, the woman still has the last say. In this situation, the woman still takes into account the man’s opinion when it comes to decision making. 

Type 2: Moderate Female Control

In this female led relationship, the woman takes charge of most matters in the household. However, she still draws the line in some issues. The woman delegates the tasks that she’s not capable of or doesn’t want to handle to her partner. She does not let pride lead the way. Instead, she wants those in her control to show good results. 

There are also situations where the woman is very open to suggestions from her partner as long as it revolves around her role. For other circumstances, the man may ask the woman to take the lead in some areas. She’s welcoming to try different tasks. If she likes how it turns out, she takes on the responsibility entirely as they move forward in the relationship. 

Type 3: Defined Control

This female led relationship type is more serious compared to the first two. To put it simply, the woman has taken over the traditional male roles in the relationship. On the other hand, the man does the stereotypical female tasks in the household, such as cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the children. 

Believe it or not, sex can also be kinkier and freakier in this setup. The women prefer to dominate the sex world with their power, and they do this by doing extreme things in bed. Outside this room, they also take charge of controlling the finances, work aspect, and the relationship as well. 

Type 4: Extreme Control


In the extreme control female led relationship, the woman treats the man as her slave. It means that she is in control of everything, even up to the little things. She’s the one who decides what time to eat or even what her husband wears for work. This is crucial to a marriage breakdown since her partner might feel that he’s not a necessity to her life anymore. 

Understanding The Rules of a Female Led Relationship


As mentioned above, too much control may lead to a broken relationship. Men prefer living with women under the Type 1 and Type 2, sometimes on the Type 3, but never on the Type 4. Because of this, men must know how to approach this situation. If you are on the other side of the spectrum, here are some ways to act as the partner of a dominant female. 

No Sex on Demand

Women in control disagree with sex on demand. Keep in mind that they are not easy to negotiate with; therefore, it’s not easy to take them to bed as well. For some, they only allow their partners to touch and make love to them on special occasions. This scenario happens when the woman feels that sex will lower her wall, not to mention that her schedule is always full, leaving no time allowance for it. 

Toilet Seats Should Always Be Down

It’s always one of the basic rules of marriage. However, in a female led relationship, this is probably one of her golden rules. She does not want to face any mishap. That’s why seeing just a tiny bit of pee splash will make hell break loose. Don’t wait for this or you’ll be in big trouble. 

Let Her Have The Last Say

For types 1, 2, and 3, you’re still welcome to speak your mind. Women feel that this practice is a necessity in the relationship so that every decision yields perfect results. However, do not overpower her when it comes to the final decision-making. Once you are done airing your side, stop battling with her. Let her carefully study the pros and cons of each decision, and let her have the last say. If her plans do not align with yours, it is best just to let it go. As a dominant person, she is likely to refuse any suggestion. What you can do instead is to wait until she comes up to a realization that she needs your opinion on the matter. 

She Should Come First Before Anything Else


Women in a female led relationship like to be prioritized. To avoid conflict, it is in their best interest that you put them first. Make sure that you deliver your promises, do your tasks, and comply with her requests. If something comes up in your schedule that would interfere with something that has to do with her, it is wise to put it off. Otherwise, you are likely in for a fight later on. Always remember that in a female led relationship, here is no part-time submission. You have to give your 100% in all you do to make sure that everything stays on track. 

Be Ready for Punishments (and Rewards!)

In a female led relationship, it is common in the household to set punishments and rewards. If you’ve screwed up, expect yourself to sleep on the couch for two weeks. But if you’ve pleased her in every aspect, then expect a grand prize. She might give you that expensive watch you’ve been longing for or that newly released game console that you have been eyeing for a long time.

Trust Her Completely


It’s been mentioned here a couple of times that she expects to make the final decisions herself. With this in mind, show her that you completely trust her. Avoid questioning her decisions as this might only lead to relationship destruction. As the saying goes, mothers know best.

It might be challenging at first. But to help you navigate that emotion, start by looking back. Reminisce what decisions she had made in the past and explore its results. Chances are, these yielded positive effects. A good domme knows the ins and outs of what she’s doing. She’s also aware of the possible consequences of her actions. Therefore, respect her and never doubt her actions. 

Do Not Hide Anything

Wives know everything their husband does. That’s even a fact, especially for a female led relationship. Yes, they’ll ask you questions on what you did for a day or whom you’re spending time with even when they already know the answer. They’re often just checking if you’ll be honest with them since the truth is you won’t be able to hide anything from them. I

In connection with this, two aspects of life are very sacred to them. When it comes to women and finances, they always want a straightforward answer. 


Do not try to hide anything from your wife when it comes to your finances. If you want to buy a video game, let her know. Do not wait for her to come to get you after she sees your credit card bill. Make sure to list everything as well. She wants to take into account everything, and she prefers to know your whereabouts throughout the day. It might surprise her that you got charged a $50 meal, and she was not aware that you were out during that time.

That points to another scenario. Always tell her everything related to women. If you have a new female co-worker on a project, reveal to her all details about her. Do not wait until she investigates you. This way, there won’t be any complications in the future. 

Study and Anticipate

Women in a female led relationship hate repeating themselves. They want to give orders on a one-time basis, and they expect that you will get it that instant. If you fulfill this, it’s most likely that they’ll gradually give you trust in minor decision making. The secret here is continuous training. 

Always listen to her instructions: spot trends and patterns on how she wants everything to be done. At the same time, anticipating her likes is also a good thing in terms of going the extra mile. If she left some details and you implement it because you know she likes it, then she’ll be happy. Studying and anticipating is a tedious and demanding job, but it also upgrades your soft and hard skills. 

Navigating a Female Led Relationship


Being in a female led relationship is not all about control. Instead, you may consider this as a different kind of love. Some even say that most women who employ this approach love their partners more than anything in the world. This tough love is only a way to keep them in the right direction. They feel an intervention is needed to make the lives of their partner successful. 

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