Week 18 Pregnancy: About Your Pregnant Body & Your Baby’s Development

Source Congratulations on reaching 18 weeks in your pregnancy journey! Guess what? That gentle fluttering in your stomach you feel is your baby’s movements! At 18 weeks, both you and your baby are in the middle of an amazing growth spurt. It’s remarkable how much development happens during just one week.   Your Little One …

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Week 7 Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

The second part of the first trimester of pregnancy begins at week 7. Around this time, the embryo in your belly grows 10,000 times more than when it was first formed. The baby’s brain cells begin to generate at a rapid pace. It also starts to look more like an actual baby in form.

If you’re 7 weeks pregnant, you may expect more heightened symptoms. You still need to be careful because this week is a high risk for miscarriages.

Week 1 Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

For many women, the first week of pregnancy can bring a range of emotions from excitement to apprehension. We usually measure pregnancy in weeks, but did you know it starts from the first day of a woman’s last menstrual period? This helps healthcare providers determine an estimated due date for the pregnancy.

Do you want to start a family with your partner? Or are you simply doing your research to help you prepare for your journey? Either way, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s talk about what’s happening to your body in week 1 of your pregnancy!

How to Make a Co-Parenting Relationship Work

As unfortunate as it sounds, marriages don’t always end up working out. But failed marriage and divorce between spouses don’t mean the end of responsibility to raise children as parents. This is where co-parenting comes in.

Many parenting aspects remain the same after a separation. Co-parents must assume joint responsibility in many cases, unless you have sole custody of your child.