The Best Ways to Save Money on Your Family’s Home Security System

Hey there, savvy moms! Setting up a home security system doesn’t have to drain your wallet. Whether you’re eyeing an ADT system or the Ring Alarm Pro, finding the right balance between protection and price is key.

Good news: DIY home security systems can be a game-changer.

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From motion sensors to smart locks, and even smart home integration with devices like Google Assistant, you can tailor your home’s security to fit your needs without the hefty installation fees. Opt for self-monitoring to cut costs further, or choose professional monitoring for extra peace of mind.

And guess what? Adding smart home features like smart lighting and doorbell cameras doesn’t just boost security, it enhances your home’s cool factor. So, let’s make smart choices and keep our homes safe without breaking the bank. Together, we’ve got this!

Understanding Home Security System Costs

Mamas, let’s dive into the sea of home security expenses together. I promise, it’s less scary than it sounds! Did you know the cost of a home security system can be as varied as our kids’ breakfast choices? Yep, from a simple bowl of cereal (aka a basic DIY security system) to a full-stack pancake breakfast with all the toppings (think high-end ADT security systems with all the bells and whistles), there’s a range for everyone.

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On average, setting up a home security system can cost anywhere from a budget-friendly DIY setup to a more premium, professionally installed system with monthly monitoring fees. But don’t let the price tags on some of these security systems spook you. Many home security companies offer a range of options, from basic alarm systems to complete home security packages with smart home integration, security cameras, and emergency services. And guess what? Opting for DIY security systems like the Ring Alarm system or even going with wireless alarm systems can significantly cut down those installation fees.

Key Considerations for Choosing a Home Security System

Alright, moms, when it comes to protecting our homes, it’s not just about picking the best home security system. It’s about finding the perfect fit for our unique nests. Here are a few feathers to preen as you consider your options:

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  1. DIY vs. Professional Installation: Are you a hands-on DIY diva or prefer someone else to handle the setup? DIY systems can save on installation costs, but professional installation ensures everything’s set up perfectly.
  2. Smart Home Compatibility: Love asking Google Assistant to dim the lights? Many security systems now offer smart home integration, turning your house into a smart home fortress.
  3. Monitoring Options: From self-monitoring via app access to subscribing to professional monitoring services, how much oversight you want is a big decision. Some systems offer flexibility with no monthly monitoring fees, which can be a great way to save.
  4. Security Features: Consider what makes you feel secure. Is it motion sensors and glass break sensors at every entry or a smart lock and video doorbell at the front door? Maybe it’s all about having emergency services at the ready with a tap on your control panel.
  5. Budget: Last but definitely not least, what’s your budget? Whether it’s a simple alarm system or a complete home security setup with all the advanced features, there’s something for every wallet size.

Our Top Picks for Cost-Effective Home Security Systems

Mamas, who’s ready to talk about the cream of the crop without spending all the dough? Finding the best home security system that doesn’t break the bank is like snagging that last piece of chocolate cake at a party—satisfying and a little bit victorious. Here are our top picks for keeping your home safe on a budget:

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  1. Ring Alarm Pro System: This DIY darling combines home security with smart home capabilities, making it a mom’s best friend. It’s like having a watchful eye over your home while also being able to control your smart devices, all without hefty monthly fees.
  2. SimpliSafe: For those of us who love simplicity with a side of safety, SimpliSafe offers easy installation and a range of packages to fit any home size. With no long-term contracts and options for professional monitoring, it’s as flexible as our yoga instructor.
  3. Abode System: Perfect for the tech-savvy mom, Abode offers smart home integration with a security twist. It supports both DIY and professional monitoring options, plus it’s compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for that oh-so-sweet smart home synergy.

Each of these systems offers a blend of affordability, ease of use, and comprehensive protection. Whether you’re a fan of motion detectors, video doorbells, or smart locks, these picks have you covered without requiring a deep dive into your savings.

CNET writer David Anders advises, “If you’re going with a professional home security provider, you’ll need to consider different package options that may include an assortment of devices including cameras, alarms, window sensors and motion detectors.”

The Benefits of DIY Installation and Maintenance

Now, let’s roll up our sleeves and chat about DIY installation and maintenance. For us moms, DIY can be a badge of honor—like fixing a toy or whipping up a gourmet meal from leftovers. Installing your own home security system? That’s just another feather in our cap.

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  1. Cost Savings: The most obvious perk is saving on installation fees. With a little bit of time and elbow grease, you can set up your system without calling in the pros.
  2. Flexibility: DIY installation means you can customize your security setup to match your home’s unique layout. Want to add an extra camera by the kids’ rooms or a motion sensor in the hallway? You’re the boss.
  3. Knowledge Is Power: By installing your system, you get to know the ins and outs of how it works. This can be incredibly helpful for troubleshooting issues or making adjustments down the line.
  4. Maintenance Made Easy: Regular upkeep, like changing batteries in your sensors or updating software, can be done on your schedule. Plus, since you installed it, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Also, according to Rob Gabriele in Time Magazine, “A DIY installation will likely take one to two hours, depending on how many components you have, while a professional one could take up to a full day.” This means that a DIY home security system can also save you some time.

Of course, DIY isn’t for everyone. If the thought of reading manuals and drilling holes gives you a headache, many home security companies offer professional installation for an additional fee. But for those who love a project and enjoy the satisfaction of doing it themselves, DIY security systems can be a cost-effective and rewarding choice.

Besides, as The New York Times writer Rachel Cericola put it, “Traditional home security systems often require long contracts and expensive professional installation, but most smart DIY security systems are affordable and easy to install, and they allow you to pay for a monitoring plan only when you want it.”

Smart Home Security Features That Save Money

Ladies, who said smart and secure can’t also be savvy with savings? Not us! Let’s dive into the smart home security features that are like having your cake, eating it too, and finding out it’s low calorie. These gems not only boost your home’s IQ but also help pinch those pennies.

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  1. Smart Locks: Imagine never having to hide a spare key again (or calling a locksmith because, oops, lost the only one). Smart locks not only fortify your fortress but can also alert you if someone tries to tamper with your door. Plus, granting access to the babysitter or dog walker is just a tap away—no more spare keys floating around!
  2. Video Doorbells and Security Cameras: Keep an eye on your front door or backyard from anywhere. These devices often deter porch pirates and can even lower your home insurance premiums. Talk about a win-win!
  3. Motion Sensors with Smart Lighting: Why leave lights on all night when motion sensors paired with smart lighting can illuminate your home only when needed? Save on energy bills and add an extra layer of security, ensuring no sneaky movements go unnoticed.
  4. DIY Monitoring: Choosing a system that offers self-monitoring through app access means you can keep tabs on your home without a monthly fee. It’s peace of mind in your pocket, and who doesn’t love that?

Investing in these smart security features means investing in your home’s safety and your wallet’s well-being. Plus, integrating them with other smart home devices creates a seamless, connected home environment that’s not just safe, but also incredibly convenient.

Maximizing Savings on Home Security

Now, for the grand finale—how do we maximize those savings while keeping our homes as safe as a fortress? Here are some golden nuggets of wisdom for stretching your dollar in the home security arena:

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  1. Price Compare: Don’t just settle for the first security system you stumble upon. Do your homework, compare prices, and find the best deal. Sometimes, companies offer promotions or bundles that can save you a lot.
  2. Insurance Discounts: Check with your home insurance provider; many offer discounts for homes equipped with security systems, especially those with professional monitoring or smart home features.
  3. Go Subscription-Free: Consider systems that allow for self-monitoring to avoid monthly monitoring fees. Not all peace of mind comes with a price tag.
  4. Opt for Local Storage: Instead of paying for cloud storage for your video feeds, opt for systems that offer local storage. It might require a bit more upfront cost for the storage device, but it cuts out monthly fees.
  5. Improve Your Home to Save: Adding security features like impact-resistant windows or upgrading your door locks can not only make your home safer but might also qualify you for additional discounts on your insurance.
  6. Refurbished or Second-Hand Systems: Some companies sell refurbished systems at a fraction of the cost. If they come with a warranty, they can be just as reliable as new ones but much kinder to your budget.

Long-Term Savings and Value

Alright, moms, let’s zoom out and look at the bigger picture—how investing in home security can lead to long-term savings and add value beyond the immediate. It’s like when we buy those slightly pricier but much more durable shoes for the kids; it pays off over time, right?



  1. Increase in Home Value: Just like a renovated kitchen or a well-maintained garden, a comprehensive home security system can increase your home’s market value. Should you ever decide to sell, it’s a feature many buyers will find attractive.
  2. Insurance Premium Discounts: Over the years, the discounts you receive on your home insurance for having a security system can add up to significant savings. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!
  3. Prevention of Costly Incidents: Beyond theft, security systems can help prevent damage from fire, water leaks, and more. Avoiding these incidents can save you a fortune in potential repairs and heartache.
  4. Peace of Mind: It’s priceless, but let’s face it, stress can have real costs, from health issues to lost productivity. Knowing your home and family are safe can alleviate a ton of worry, making it a wise investment in your well-being.

Investing in a home security system might seem like just another expense, but when you factor in the potential long-term savings and added value, it’s clear that it’s more than just a cost—it’s a smart financial decision.


So there we have it, lovely moms, a complete rundown on how to navigate the home security world without emptying your wallet. From smart home security features that offer convenience and savings to strategies for maximizing those savings without skimping on safety. Remember, investing in a home security system isn’t just about protecting your home today; it’s about ensuring a safer, more valuable home for the future.

Now, I’d love to hear from you! What are your top tips for balancing home security with budget-friendly living? Have you found a DIY system that works wonders, or did you go for a professionally installed setup that offered unbeatable peace of mind? Share your stories and let’s help each other find the best ways to keep our homes safe without breaking the bank.

Together, we can make informed decisions that protect our homes, our families, and our finances. Let’s embrace the journey towards a secure, smart, and savvy home. Stay safe and smart, everyone!

Kathy Urbanski

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