Preggy Preparations: Significant Changes Experienced Due To Pregnancy Signs

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First and continuous signs of pregnancy? A positive pregnancy test? Congratulations, soon-to-be mommy! Your little one is on the way, and we are sure that you can feel it in your mind, body, and heart. These signs of pregnancy may be taking a toll on you, but these are signs that your baby is growing and living inside of you.

As your belly grows little by little every week, different changes in the body and mind will slowly become evident. These signs of pregnancy are usually not pleasant to a first time mom-to-be. But with proper preparation and awareness, these pains can be alleviated and remedied quickly.

Physical Changes During Pregnancy

Physical signs of pregnancy are usually the first to show in the early stages of pregnancy. Significant body changes occur as you approach closer to your due date. According to Henry Lerner, M.D., OB/GYN, “Many things about pregnancy are not under your control. You may experience severe morning sickness. You may have overwhelming fatigue. You may develop a complication that requires bed rest or even lands you in the hospital for a while. Give yourself over to anything that happens, because in all likelihood it happens for a reason.” Be ready for the following:

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Tender breasts as Signs of Pregnancy

Swollen or sensitive breasts are a result of hormonal changes. The discomfort, however, is not going to be there for long. It will decrease as you go along and your body adjusts to these hormonal changes.

Pregnancy Signs: Increased urination

Your growing uterus is the culprit for your noticeably frequent bathroom trips. Its pressure on your bladder and the extra blood flow that your body produces are the reasons why you urinate more than the usual.

Cramping in the lower abdomen

This one is also brought about by the stretching of the uterus. Cramping in early stages of pregnancy may be brought about by the implantation stage.

Constipation and flatulence

Your uterus is enlarging now. As a result of it rising up and out of the pelvic cavity, your stomach and intestines are being “displaced” causing constipation and flatulence.

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Signs of Emotional Changes

Subtle signs of pregnancy are generally your mood swings. Emotion shifts are common during pregnancy because this kind of change is brought about by significant hormonal changes in your body.

At the first stages, anxiety and extreme fatigue may affect your daily life. At the latter stages, moodiness and irritability may become evident. Irritability may be because of the pain and discomfort brought about by the physical changes enumerated above. As you go along, you may also become forgetful, disorganized, and anxious about your figure.

Pregnancy is a rollercoaster of emotions. Most moms-to-be are experiencing insecurities and anxiety about the arrival of their babies. JoLyn Seitz, MD says that “During pregnancy, women experience an increase in the production of hormones, such as progesterone and estrogen. This increase can impact your emotions and your brain’s ability to monitor them.”

Having a kid is a big transition especially to the mother’s life. All emotions are there—overjoy, excitement, stress, and even overly self-consciousness. This complex mix of feelings and emotions may be good or bad. Ann Diamond Weinstein Ph.D. suggests, “Finding healthy ways to reduce stress is an essential part of optimizing the health of mothers-to-be and the development of their babies from conception through the postnatal period.” Families, friends, and partners should be well aware of this because it goes behind just the “usual signs of pregnancy.” It already tackles the mental health and capacity of the mother.

We know that all these irritating signs of pregnancy are nothing compared to that joy and excitement that you as mom-to-be feel right now. It’s essential that you familiarize with what these changes are so you can better be ready of what’s going to happen next as you wait for your little one.

Frequently Asked Questions

How early do pregnancy symptoms start?

It varies among women. For some, symptoms start as early as one week into the pregnancy. Meanwhile, for the others, it might take weeks before symptoms begin.


How do I know if am pregnant? Pregnancy signs?

When pregnancy begins, symptoms to indicate pregnancy also begins. Early signs of pregnancy include nausea, fatigue, missed period, and tender or swollen breasts. To confirm pregnancy, it is best to take a pregnancy test.

Can you feel pregnant after 2 days?

The feelings right after having sex are not pregnancy symptoms yet. It takes time before the symptoms are felt and before the pregnancy can be detected.

How can we check pregnancy naturally?

In the absence of a pregnancy test, there are some home tests to try. You can mix your urine with two tablespoons of white vinegar. If you are pregnant, the color should change and form bubbles. Otherwise, you are not pregnant.

Is white discharge a significant sign of pregnancy?

White discharge is not an absolute sign of pregnancy. But pregnant women do experience secreting white or yellow mucus starting on the first trimester and may last the entire pregnancy. This phenomenon is caused by the increased blood flow in the vagina.

When should I take a preg test?
A pregnancy test should be taken a week after missing the period to get an accurate result. If you want to take it earlier, try taking two weeks after having sex. The pregnancy test identifies pregnancy with the level of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in the body which takes quite some time to be on a detectable level.

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How does your stomach feel in early pregnancy?

The stomach feels round, full, and bloated in the early stages of pregnancy. This feeling is caused by progesterone. The stomach may also hurt because of vomiting and nausea.

Do you feel wet in early pregnancy?

Yes, early stages of pregnancy may feel wet because of the vaginal discharge. During pregnancy, there is an increase in the amount of discharge caused by the increase in vaginal blood flow.

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