Best Breast Pumps to Befriend Moms in 2023

Finding the best breast pump is like finding your best friend. Is it a great fit? Is it trustworthy? Will it let you pump in style?

Worry not! Preggy to Mommy befriends you with this gift: a short list of the best breast pumps in 2023.

What are Best Breast Pumps For?

Lactating mothers use breast pumps to extract milk from their breasts into a container. While direct breastfeeding is good practice, it is not always applicable to every situation. Breast pumps allow you to store breast milk for later use. It also makes milk available for babies even in the mother’s temporary absence.

Anatomy of a Breast Pump

1. Milk container

This is a detachable and reusable container or bottle where the milk collected from the mother’s breast is stored.

2. Breast shield

This part of a breast pump is shaped like a cone. When pumping milk, the larger circular hole is attached to the mother’s nipple. The smaller hole is directed to the milk container.

3. Pump

The pump is connected to the breast shield. It creates a vacuum force that extracts the milk from the mother’s chest and expels it into the container.

Two Basic Types of Best Breast Pumps

Manual Breast Pump

The distinguishing feature of manual breast pumps is the presence of a handle. This handle is manually squeezed to create pressure. That will extract the breast milk from the mother to the container.

Powered Breast Pumps

These can either be battery-powered breast pumps or electric breast pumps. Hospital-grade breast pumps are typically battery-powered while most personal use breast pumps are electric.

Powered breast pumps require less force and are generally easy to use. But the downside of a breast pump like this is the lack of availability during power outages.

Best Breast Pumps in 2023

1. Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

Source: Amazon

This manual breast pump allows you to control the suction. That helps you achieve better milk flow quality and quantity in less time.

It also features a soft swivel handle designed to prioritize the mother’s comfort. This product is available here.

2. Spectra S1 Plus Electric Breast Pump

Source: Amazon

This is a breast pump that attempts to mimic, as much as possible, the motions of natural breastfeeding. You can opt for a single or a double pump depending on your current mood.

What’s more? It is portable and rechargeable, so be ready to take it on the go! You can find this product here.

3. Medela Swing Maxi Double Electric Portable Pump

Source: Amazon

This breast pump has a 2-Phase Expression technology. It boasts of expressing 18% greater milk volume than a traditional pump.

It is USB-C rechargeable, so you can pump for as long as you want! Find out more about this product here.

4. Willow 3.0 Leak-Proof Wearable Breast Pump

This is a double electric best breast pump with an in-bra design. It will allow you to pump in any position you want. There are 7 suction levels to choose from and an option of an eco-friendly reusable container.

With a 1 year warranty, you can connect this breast pump to an app for smart tracking and recording.

Choosing Your Breast Pump

You may want to consider the following when you choose the best breast pumps:

Can I use it whenever, wherever?

The best breast pumps should be available whenever you need them, wherever you are. Heavy breast pumps will not do for a planned day outdoors. At the same time, breast pumps that quickly drain out of battery are useless during an emergency.

Is it easy and comfortable to use?

Look for breast pumps with adjustable suction levels to match your comfort. Moms already give more than their 100% best, and they at the very least deserve to do so easily and painlessly.

How much is it?

Pregnancy is an expensive journey, so you would probably not want to invest all your money in breast pumps alone. To be a thrifty mom, opt for an affordable but good-quality pump. Make a worthy investment.

Mommies, pump in style!

The best breast pumps will feel like friends. They prioritize your comfort, your safety, and the safety of your baby. Find your best friend for 2023.



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