Top 50 Christmas Gift Ideas for Moms in 2022

Christmas is all about spending time with your family and friends. That’s why buying the perfect present for our loved one can be a tricky situation, especially buying for our moms. After all, what’s the best gift that can sum up how much our moms mean to us?

Our moms deserve an extra special gift this holiday season. Preggy to Mommy comes prepared this gift-giving season with a hand-picked wishlist to spoil any mom on Christmas Day.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Moms

  • Fleece Blanket











Nothing makes the cold winter nights comfier than a big, fluffy fleece blanket! It’s the best blanket to snuggle up in while watching your favorite holiday movie or while taking a nap during the afternoon. Another plus is that it’s also available in different colors!

  • Fridge Organizer

If your mom is an organizing queen, she’ll love to have this for Christmas! A clean and organized refrigerator can be done with these clear plastic bins. It’s perfect for perishables in the fridge or pantry and freezer organization. You can get this product here.

  • Essential Oil Diffuser









Looking for a sweet gift for mom? Look no further than this essential oil diffuser. It is made of BPA-free material and convenient remote controls that instantly create the perfect mood for sleeping or just keeping the home fragrant all day. This product is available here.

  • Patio Bistro Set

Why not upgrade your mom’s patio with this rocking set? If you want to splurge this year, this bistro set is a perfect Christmas gift. This set can instantly make any patio prettier and comfier to stay at. It also includes a glass coffee table to complete the look.

  • Velvet Jewelry Tray

A jewelry tray is a perfect gift for any fashionable mom! Jewelry often gets lost and a jewelry tray can keep them all in one place so she doesn’t have to turn the house upside down when looking for a ring or earring. It also helps keep necklaces from being entangled with each other. You can get the product here.

  • Plush House Slippers









If your mom gets cold feet easily, give her soft fluffy slippers this Christmas! It’s the footwear any tired mom would love to sink her feet into after moving around all day. This product is available here. 

  • Raised Pet Bowls










These elevated pet bowls are adjustable and can be put away when not in use. It also aids in the pet’s digestion and reduces joint stress. Most of all, it creates a neater and clutter-free space. This makes the perfect gift for any pet mom this holiday season!

  • Comforter Bed Set












For moms that love a luxury experience when going to sleep, a comforter bed set ticks all the boxes! It has a reversible design with micro mink polyester and fleece on the other side. Gift your mom a good night’s sleep with this comforter bed set! 

  • Macrame Plant Holder














If your mom’s into boho decor and loves plants, combine both of her favorites with this macrame plant holder. It’s made out of durable material perfect for most flower pots. This product is available here. 

  • Mug and Warmer Set










Hot coffee should be paired with the perfect mug. Drinking out of this smart coffee mug and the warmer set will surely make your mom enjoy her coffee in the mornings even more! You can get this product here.


  • Set of Dumbbells










This gift is perfect for moms who love to work out or are interested in working out! Gift your mom her own set of dumbbells to start or level up her workout journey! You can get this product here. 

  • Satin Pillowcases










Satin pillowcases are great for hair and skin health and it has the added benefit of a more comfortable sleep. These make great presents for our hardworking moms who stay up late providing for the family.

  • Oversized Cardigan











A comfortable, soft-knit cardigan is the perfect gift for your mom this holiday season. You can choose which color and size suit her best easily. Wrap it in festive paper or put it in a gift bag for your mom to open on Christmas! You can get this product here.

  • Knife Set












Anyone can attest that their mother’s cooking is the best. A great kitchen should have only the best knife set. This gift is the perfect addition to your mom’s kitchen. This product is available here,

  • Wine chiller














For any wine enthusiast, a wine chiller is always a must-have! If your mom enjoys drinking or hosting parties, this is the perfect gift for her this holiday season. You can get this product here. 

  • Ceramic Vase Set













Spruce up your mom’s decor game with this ceramic vase set. These three vases are perfect to put in flowers or decorate a hallway table. It’s a Christmas present your mom will use for years to come!  You can get this product here. 

  • Toaster











When in doubt, a useful appliance is always a great gift. This toaster has extra-wide slots and illuminated buttons that can easily fit in your mom’s kitchen. This product is available here.

  • Messenger Bag












You can’t go wrong with a trustworthy leather bag as a gift to your mom for Christmas. This laptop tote bag can fit almost anything and looks good with any outfit – it even has an additional clutch bag!

  • Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker










Surprise your mom with the gift of coffee this holiday season! This cold brew maker is easy to use: just add the ground coffee and water and let it sit in the refrigerator all night to enjoy the next day! This product is available here. 

  • Gel Eye Mask












If you want to gift your mom a relaxing gift she’ll enjoy, check out this gel cold compression eye mask! It’s perfect for getting rid of puffy eyes in the morning or for a quick massage at home. It also includes an adjustable silk mask, a perfect companion to a good night’s sleep. You can get this product here.

  • Woven Storage Basket












Storage baskets are the perfect Christmas gift for moms who love home decor! This multi-use basket can practically fit anything inside and looks modern and casually chic on the outside. This product is available here.

  • Face Massager Kit












Gift your mom this holiday season next-level relaxation with this face massager kit! This kit includes a battery-powered face roller massage set in rose gold. Get this product here. 

  • Stand Mixer












Your mom’s super cooking should be complemented with some super hardware. This stand mixer will be remembered as the best Christmas gift for foodie and master chef moms!

  • Insulated Water Bottle











An insulated water bottle is a perfect gift for moms who love the outdoors or who work from home. A water bottle is a great reminder not only to drink water but to also take care of themselves. This product is available here.

  • Ballet Flats









Having ballet flats stashed in the car or by the entryway is not just convenient but also fashionable. These ballet flats are a wonderful gift for moms who are always on the go!

  • Nonstick Pan Set











Easy and flavorful cooking is best done with good and reliable pans. Update your mom’s kitchen hardware by gifting her this nonstick pan set. You can get this set here.

  • Cotton Pajama Set










Who doesn’t want to receive a good-quality pajama set for Christmas? The best part is that you can surprise your mom with the same set so that you can wear matching clothes even when apart. This product is available here.

  • Air Fryer Toaster and Oven Combo









Surprise your mom with a kitchen appliance that works as hard as she does! This super appliance can air fry, broil, bake, roast, toast, and warm! It’s a kitchen must-have for moms who want to cut down the cooking time to spend more time with the family. You can get this product here.

  • Record Player










For moms who love to dance and sing, this record player is a gift they’ll love to receive this holiday! It’s a portable turntable and a great choice for vinyl lovers who want to take their tunes everywhere they go. This product is available here.

  • Charcuterie Board and Cheese Plate











Perfect for parties or late-night conversations with wine, this charcuterie board and cheese plate are a wonderful gift to your mom for Christmas! It includes a utensil set to help her make the charcuterie board easily. You can get this product here.

  • Aromatherapy Sprays










Surprise your mom with a set of multi-use aromatherapy sprays this holiday! Made with vegan ingredients, these scents can cheer up any drafty room or car. They can bring back life to old linens! This product is available


  • Vacuum












Another great holiday gift is to replace your mom’s old vacuum this year! Vacuums are often a well-used household product. Receiving a brand-new vacuum can make any mom’s cleaning routine easier! You can get this product here.

  • Pasta Maker









If your mom loves trying out new things in the kitchen, a pasta maker is a perfect gift! This pasta maker is made out of stainless steel and brings fine dining inside the comforts of the home. This product is available here. 

  • Polarized Sunglasses










Complete your mom’s outfits for sunnier weather with these polarized sunglasses. These anti-glare sunglasses are perfect for blocking UVA and UVB radiation. Plus, they’re super handy to have just in case in a bag!

  • Spice Rack Organizer









If your mom’s into labeling, she’ll love this spice rack organizer! It includes 28 spice containers, over 300 labels, a chalk marker, and a funnel set to kickstart a day of organizing the pantry. This product is available here.

  • Tiered Plate Set










The right dinnerware can make any party. Your mom would love this tiered plate set on her table or counters to make food more accessible and look presentable at any gathering – big or small! You can get this product here.

  • Portable Photo Printer












A photo printer at home makes scrapbooking and putting memories on paper so easy! Your mom would love to get this for Christmas, especially if she’s planning to make tons of family memorabilia. This product is available here. 

  • Hot Air Hair Brush and Dryer










Getting ready has never been this easy and quick! A hot air hair brush can style and dry your mom’s hair quickly – and the best part is, it’s great for all hair types! You can get this product here.

  • Pillow Cover Set










Gift your mom these classic and neutral-toned pillowcases to adorn her fave couch or bed. Made out of durable and easy-to-clean material, these pillows are sure to liven up any place. This product is available here.

  • Wireless Earbuds











Applicable to both ios and android users, these wireless earbuds can help your mom enjoy her tunes anywhere and anytime. These super comfortable wireless earbuds are a lovely holiday gift for moms who loves listening to music or podcasts.

  • The Five Minute Journal











A perfect gift for moms who wants to start their day with a quick meditation! The Five Minute Journal makes meditation easy to follow and makes a habit out of journaling pretty quickly. This product is available here.

  • Lipstick Set










What’s better than one lipstick? Well, an entire set! This lipstick set is a holiday gift perfect for moms who love matte lipsticks handy in their purses. You can get this product here.

  • Enameled Dutch Oven










Looking for a great gift for your foodie mom? Look no further than an enameled dutch oven! This cast iron is a great addition to your mom’s pots and pans – your mom can also show it off displayed in the kitchen. The product is available here.

  • Crystal Jewelry









Make the holiday season extra sparkly by gifting this gorgeous crystal bracelet to your mom! It can get dressed up depending on the occasion but it can also be worn every day casually. You can get this product here.

  • Garden Tool Set













Does your mom have a green thumb? A garden tool set is the best present for moms who love tending to their garden and planting under the sun. The product is available here.

  • Luxury Soap Set









A classic holiday gift to give your mom this year is this luxury soap set. It’s something expected but always appreciated as a present because of how useful it is! You can get this product here.

  • Bath Bombs












These handcrafted bath bombs are a great Christmas gift for moms who want to relax after a long day. Moisturizing and fragrant, these bath bombs are made with natural ingredients your mom will surely appreciate! The product is available here.

  • Paint by Number Kit












This Christmas season, give your mom the wonderful gift of art. This is a present for creative moms who want a project to work on during their downtime. It’s also a great gift for beginner painters who just want to dip their toes in painting. You can get this product here.

  • Organic Tea Set











Your mom can enjoy the holiday season by sipping one of the 25 tea samplers available in this tea set. Great for relaxation or warmth during winter, a tea set is perfect for trying out different flavors depending on her preference! This product is available here. 

  • Carry-On Luggage













You can make the holiday season more magical by surprising your mom with a trip and brand-new luggage to accompany her to her new adventure! Carry-on luggage is both a practical and beautiful present to splurge on your mom. You can get this product here.

Are you ready to sleigh the gift-giving season?

Nothing says I love you more than a well-thought Christmas gift. You can choose from these gift ideas that suit your mom’s personality the best. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on your mom’s gift, what’s important is that it came from the heart! 


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